Brian Knott

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About Brian

Brian Knott is a photographer based in Southern California. Being born and raised in So Cal has brought forth the importance of travel and adventure (to get out of the concrete jungle). Brian was lucky enough to be raised by parents who loved the great outdoors. Annual family vacations in places like Yosemite were the norm. Out of his passion for the great outdoors and the art of photography, he has developed this body of work.

Brian finds it an important endeavor to remind us of the beauty in nature. And he believes there are so many life lessons to be learned from the natural world. Nature has always captivated him and he feels blessed to be able to capture these experiences and share them with you.

An avid hiker and backpacker, Brian seeks out wilderness areas to explore and photograph all year long. He makes a weeklong backpacking trip in the Sierra Nevada every summer, not just to connect with Mother Earth, but in hopes of bringing back unique and dynamic imagery. 

Artist Statement.

First and foremost, I do this because it's what I love; it's who I am. I am an artist and the process of creation is as important as the finished work. I'm an adventurer at heart but also nature is where I'm reminded that I'm part of something bigger. The natural world has helped shape who I am on a deeper level. 

I want to pass along the connection I've had with this World in hopes that you too will feel more alive because of it. If I can bring my art to you and it brings a bit more joy and inspiration into your life today, then I've done my job. But more importantly, if I can promote awareness and a drive towards conservation, then my sense of purpose has been fulfilled.

There is an amazing and integral part of life beyond our walls. Let's experience it, enjoy it, be inspired by it and protect it.

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